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My Life as a Ditz

..and how other people deal with me.

Silent Dreamer
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Below you'll find information about myself. This information will help you survive my journal. Please read carefully and consider before posting or "friending" me.

I am a follower of Jesus Christ, often referred to as a "Christian". In every way my faith in Christ affects my view of the world. If you do not know what a Christian is (and most people don't), it would do you a great deal of good to find out. A thorough understanding of my faith (even if you don't believe it) will help you in understanding the way I think.

Speaking of Christian, I am the Administrator of a website called Anime Angels. Anime Angels is a community for Christians who like anime and manga. At AA you'll find a place to share your interests and faith! We're also incredibly Christian-parent friendly, so you can even tell your parents about us. ;) [We have a backup community at Livejournal. Go HERE to check it out.]

My father was in the military (retired at 25 yrs), that makes me a "military brat". I am also married to a man in the military. Though I am not soldier, I have been "in" the military all my life. I have a better understanding, therefore, of the conflicts and wars the US is in because of this. So if you are a civilian (or even if you aren't!), be VERY careful about what you say around me concerning the military.

I am also an artist, though not as active as I use to be. Most artists are weird and I'm no exception. I take pride in my weirdness, and if you're weird, you should too!

I'm a "jack of all trades" geek. I enjoy computers, linux, anime, manga, comics, sci-fi, fantasy, books, movies, and the latest gadgetry. I know them well enough to get around, but I'm not obsessive knowledgeable about one in particular.

There are some serious flaws in my personality you should be aware of before entering. I am very forgetful (I have actually forgotten my birthday before), which is probably for the best. If wasn't so forgetful I'd be a real snob and rather mean spirited. As it is, I can only be opinionated and somewhat judgmental when I DO remember something.

Lastly, don't advertise communities on my journal! I HATE THAT! Argh. Just don't do it. And don't randomly pop in and start arguments with me. If I wanted strangers to argue with me I'd post in a community!